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The following services are available from OLSON SOUND DESIGN:

  • Acoustical design services services – Recommendations on materials and room shaping for acoustic quality, as well as guidelines for control of noise and vibration from building systems and other noise sources..
  • Audio design services services – Recommendations on equipment, materials and procedures for sound reinforcement, recording, playback and hearing-assistance systems.
  • Room environment control design services – Recommendations on equipment, materials and procedures for control of lighting systems, window coverings, and audio-video systems.
  • Computer-assisted auralization – Listen to a simulation of how a room will sound before it is built.
  • Computer aided design and drafting services – Develop complete system documentation for systems including:
  • Acoustic modeling using EASE™ software.
  • Sound system performance modeling using EASE™ and custom in-house software.
  • Facility layout using AutoCAD® and Revit® in 2D and/or 3D.
  • Block diagrams using AutoCAD® with a library of over 2000 blocks.
  • Speaker cluster and A/V equipment suspension drawings using 3D AutoCAD®.
  • EASERA™ and SysTune™ assisted measurement, analysis, and optimization of sound systems in rooms. Expert opinion and testimony based on measurement and analysis of room acoustics including STI intelligibility measurements and sound propagation.

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